An introduction to the world of construction logistics – age 5-8

Join Ty D Sites, a construction site Logistics Manager, and his logistics team who work both on and off the site. The book talks us through the roles of each member of the team showing how they play a crucial part in helping with the construction of the project; in this particular example taking us on a journey of the installation of some doors required on the site.

Refreshing, engaging and well executed

5.0 rating

A good introduction to the world of construction and the many roles in the industry. Inclusion and diversity have been considered by the author and well executed by the Illustrator. All together a first class and engaging reading book for children.


Great book.

5.0 rating

We are pleased to buy enough books to be given to 100 children in schools for free.

Gillcrest Homes

It’s fun be the next generation of builders

5.0 rating

A wonderful young Children’s book that I am sure will inspire a new generation to join the construction industry which is full of opportunities for all as the book demonstrates. A fun introduction for any child to a great industry.


Excellent Book for children and adults alike

5.0 rating

Fantastic illustrations and the rhyming introductions to all the characters work really well. Highly recommend this.



All proceeds from the sale of this book go to construction related charities.

Price: £9.99


until 28/02/21

Colouring-in book now available!

Price: £2.95