About the illustrator

After leaving college, Simon worked as a graphic artist and illustrator before moving into construction management over 30 years ago. He is a Project Manager at DGP Logistics, managing large projects including, Birmingham New Street Station, Primark and Birmingham International Airport.

Simon has worked on many other large construction projects over the years and has observed the many changes in the construction industry. This book shows the diversity and team work that exists within the Construction industry that helps us all work together safely to complete the projects that serve us all. From the smallest sites to the mega projects, they all make a difference to the way we live. Simon is proud to be part of the construction industry, but still enjoys drawing what he sees each day.

Simon has always said, ‘Anyone can draw! With practise, patience and the willingness to learn, there is no such thing as a bad picture, just a different way of looking at things and how you draw them, so all you kids have a go, draw what you see and have some fun doing it!’

Simon Rees

Simon Rees


All proceeds from the sale of this book go to construction related charities.

Price: £9.99


until 28/02/21

Colouring-in book now available!

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Refreshing, engaging and well executed

5.0 rating

A good introduction to the world of construction and the many roles in the industry. Inclusion and diversity have been considered by the author and well executed by the Illustrator. All together a first class and engaging reading book for children.