Ty D Sites Children’s Reading Book & Colouring-in book bundle


Buy both the book and colouring-in book together in this bundle. You will receive one copy of each book.

Ty D Sites Children's Reading Book
Join Ty D Sites, a construction site Logistics Manager, and his logistics team who work both on and off the site.

The book talks us through the roles of each member of the team showing how they play a crucial part in helping with the construction of the project; in this particular example taking us on a journey of the installation of some doors required on the site. Each page has full-colour illustrations by illustrator Simon Rees.

Ty D Sites Colouring-in Book
Contains 14 black and white illustrations taken from the ‘Ty D Sites - Clearing Floors and Fixing Doors’ reading book for you to colour in. To be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

All proceeds from the sale of these books go to construction related charities.